A Toast to 2013!

Sun Valley Mountains

A Toast to 2013! | 1.11.2014

2013 was quite the year. I traveled to Palm Springs, Texas, and Seattle, and discovered my fear of planes but reinforced my love for travel. I turned 25. I shot some crazy fun weddings for couples who became my friends. I met families and watched families grow. I took pictures for people who were celebrating big moments in their lives, from high school seniors to turning 90. I even went to a grilled cheese party.

I learned a lot this year and I’m grateful for all the awesome opportunities I had.

I’m really looking forward to all the adventures 2014 holds, but I’ll always remember 2013.

Idaho CityForest Bridal Portrait

Foothills EngagementDestination Wedding PhotographyBlack and White Wedding PortraitWedding Portrait Chapel Wedding CeremonyWedding Portrait by the Lake

Boise Senior PhotographyBlack and White CeremonyRing BearerMother and DaughterCliff Wedding PortraitBlack and White EngagementWedding Dress PhotoDallas, TexasBoise Hot RodErmahgerdGetting Ready

Winter Portraits

Black and White PortraitGetting Ready photosDreadlock PhotographyIdaho City EngagementDallas, TexasBoise Senior PhotographyVictoria-Greener-Photography-Palm-Springs-Travel-PhotographyHusbandPortrait PhotographyGroomsmen Photo

Boise Dreadlocks

Double Exposure EngagementFun PortraitsRedfish Lake WeddingAnniversary PhotographySparkler Exit

25!Boise EngagementBoise Engagement

Golden Retriever engagementsBoise EngagementBoise SeniorAnniversary PhotographyBoise Anniversary PhotographyBoise Wedding PhotographyBoise FamilyBoise FamilyEngagement PhotographyBoise Family

Boise Wedding PhotographyBoise Maternity PhotographyGroomsmenBoise Wedding PhotographyVictoria-Greener-Photography-CW-Moore-Wedding-PhotographyBoise Maternity PhotographyBridesmaid PhotoBoise SeniorBoise Anniversary PhotographyBoise Maternity PhotographyBoise Wedding PhotographyRedfish Wedding PhotographyBoise Wedding PhotographyBoise FamilyWedding ReceptionVictoria-Greener-Photography-Redfish-Wedding-ReceptionBoise Maternity PhotographyTexas Wedding ReceptionBoise Maternity PhotographySisters at ReceptionStanley Fire 2013Boise Maternity PhotographyBoise Wedding PhotographySilly EngagementSun Valley Mountains


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