How to Look Ridiculously Gorgeous During Your Getting Ready Photos

look gorgeous in your wedding photos

Over the past 6 years of shooting weddings, I have learned a lot of seemingly little details that will make a big difference. I pinky-promise that if you do these 4 things, you will look ridiculously gorgeous during your getting ready photos. Seriously.

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  1. Let There Be Light!

This is definitely #1, because more than anything, great photographs are made with great light. You want to look like a babe? Then yeah, you want to worry about the light.

Windows will be your best friend. They will make your skin glow like the friggin’ goddess you are. If your venue has a bridal room, make sure it has windows. If it doesn’t, you’ll want to find a place offsite. Your hotel room for the night is usually a perfect spot!

Windows For Getting Ready PhotosTips for Brides for photosAnd, I don’t want to get too technical. Really, I don’t want to bore you. But here’s the thing. Light comes in lots of different colors. Our eyes don’t really notice them, but cameras absolutely do.

I want enough window light to be able to turn off the rest of the lights in the room because indoor light tends to be yellow, compared to window light. This makes your skin look like it has different colors, too. Not flattering.

So trust me – YOU WANT WINDOWS.

look gorgeous in your wedding photos

  1. Take Your Time.

No matter how good you look, if you are stressed out while you’re getting your photos taken, that is what you’re going to remember. There is nothing worse than associating anxious feelings with the moments before your wedding. Okay, not true. There are worse things. But you understand.

If we’re running behind, that’s what you will remember.

beautiful bridal photos Seattlewindow light photographs

Bottom line, make sure you set aside enough time for your getting ready photos for you to be relaxed. At least, relaxed enough as you can be for your wedding day.

And that leads me to #3.

  1. Don’t DIY your Makeup and Hair.

This tip has two equally important reasons.

Numero Uno – A professional Makeup and Hair artist will be able to tell you how long the hair and makeup will take so you can plan for it. I also always recommend doing a trial run so you can really lock down a time estimate.

Getting Ready-139

And Numero Dos – Duh! They will help with the ridiculously gorgeous part. Trust me, they know what they are doing. If you’re anything like me, the day you need good makeup and hair is the day you mess it all up. Plus, this is one really great excuse to be pampered for a day.

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  1. Relax!

Enjoy yourself. Interact with your friends and get excited. The best way to look beautiful is to show your emotions. I truly believe that. No one looks bad when they are seriously ecstatic.

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  1. Keep It Clean.

A bride and her bridesmaids are quite possibly the biggest tornado of the wedding day. Eyeshadow over here! Hairspray on the table! Shoes…. Everywhere.

I will do my best to crop all that out, but the more you at least attempt to keep things organized, the more freely I can shoot. At the very least, keeping the area closest to the windows tidy is super helpful, and you’ll love your photos more if there aren’t distracting elements in the background.

window light

  1. Get Mama Dressed.

Or your Maid of Honor. Or both! Who is helping you get into your dress? Make sure they are photo ready too. They will thank you for it. And trust me, you will be equally thankful that while you were wearing like, the fanciest dress you will ever wear that they weren’t in ratty jeans with wild, half-done hair.

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  1. Get Quirky.

quirky getting ready locations

Nice hotel rooms usually fit the bill perfectly. But, if you want a unique place with fun decor to add to the radness of your photos, book an AirBnB spot! There are tons of unique and well-designed options.

airbnb for getting ready location

And there you have it! Simple little tricks that will make you look like a super fox during your getting ready photos. If you have any questions (or need a wedding photographer 😉 hit the contact button above.


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