I’m a fan of crazy sun flare, flipping the bird to tradition, and going on adventures. I live for clients who become friends and photo sessions that are followed by grabbing beers together at our favorite local brewery. I’m a believer in dirty wedding dresses and waterproof (ahem, tear-proof) mascara.

Let’s be real – weddings are kind of weird. Marriages though, and everything that goes with them, are so amazing. (And sometimes also weird, come on, we’re human.)

More than anything, I want to capture your relationships. The one between bride & groom, between father & daughter, and between best friends. And when the big day is over and you’re starting your own family or going on epic adventures – I want to be there, too.

I don’t care what the wedding blogs or Pinterest have to say about your wedding. What I do care about is transporting you back to that day so you can feel those emotions all over again. I care about your grandkids getting to know your grandparents through your wedding photos. I care about unplanned moments, emotion, adventure, and relationships.

If these are things you care about and you happen to dig my work, click the contact button and fill out the form.

I’d love to meet you.


Above photo by Ben Jacobsen.


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