Jenn & Kevin. Summer Camp Wedding

Holy moly. This wedding. All the feels. A lot of silly, a lot of sweet, and a whole lot of dancing.

I’ve known Jenn for longer than I even realized. Back in my first couple years of college, Jenn & I both worked on campus and I mostly just thought she was a total badass. (I was right, btw.) We kept in touch by randomly bumping into each other because Boise is small and because we’re soulmates, obviously.

When she told me she was engaged and wanted to talk photos I was SO STOKED. As you’re about to see, Jenn is super artistic, has wicked taste, and she gets shit done.

But then, at our first meeting over tacos at Parilla, they dropped this bomb on me. They had picked my old summer camp as their wedding venue. Cue all the tears and happiness and “what, is this real?” I don’t want to get too cheesy, but whatever, this is a blog about a wedding so you’re just going to have to deal. My days at camp are a huge deal in my life. I spent every summer there from ages 6-20, making my way up the totem pole from camper to counselor. I don’t know if any place taught me more about the world and the people we interact with. I really don’t know how to say anything more than that, so you’re just going to have to trust me that camp was huge for me.

Enough about me.

Watching Jenn & Kevin on their wedding day was one of the best things ever. The way Jenn went up to Kevin and gave him a big ol’ bear hug before she let him turn around to see her for the first time. The tears at the ceremony. The laughs at the ceremony. The time when I was done working and I walked back to the reception hall and Jenn & Kevin were dancing their hearts out, all by themselves. I can’t, guys. I just can’t.

I truly didn’t feel like I was working for a single minute while I was at this wedding. I got to spend time with old friends, make new friends, take pictures of rad details & awesome people, and spend time at a place that will always feel like a second home to me. I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time, guys.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Venue: Pilgrim Cove Camp | Flowers: Boise At Its Best | Catering: Big K BBQ | Dress: Margene’s Bridal | Suit: Men’s Wearhouse


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