Lauren & Calli. Autumn Engagement Photos

emotion in your engagement photos

I can always tell I’m going to love working with a couple when our first meeting is over beers, especially if we’re at a local brewery like Woodland Empire. Before we even started talking about wedding stuff, Lauren & Calli and I talked for probably an hour about well, mostly food and travel – my other favorite things. Funny how that works out.

When we talked about their engagement session, the one thing they knew they wanted to have was colorful leaves on the trees. So, just a couple weeks later, we headed out to the Robie Creek area near Boise.

These two are so loving to each other. I love looking through these photos again because you can see how they interact in those in-between moments. The goofy laughs, the genuine smiles, the hugs, the nuzzles. (Is nuzzle a word? Whatever.)

Something I heard recently really resonated with me. First, we don’t know how photography styles will change over the years. Someday, as sad as it makes me, my photography will look dated.

But, and this is the important part, what will stand the test of time is the emotion in the photos. This, among so many other reasons, is why I only make time for a few (if that) traditional, posed photos during a portrait session.

I’m not interested in a blank or forced face – I photograph emotion. The in-between moments are where emotion lies, and I will continue to shoot through them so my couples will have meaningful photos to look back on in the future.

And in looking at these photos, I hope they see their love.

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